One Guy’s Instagram Journey From BHW

10$ for GMT2
25$ for 50 Proxys (100-150 IG Accounts)
Phone verification maybe 5$-10$ per month

Total: 40 – 45$ per month

I choose VM cuze its free and easy to use, i already got a Premium VPN-Tool before, so i dont need to invest in a VPS.

Network: OGads
Spread Network: Instagram
Prioritized Offers: E-Mail Submits
Bot: GMT2
Proxy: MassProxy
PVA: smspva
Active Accounts: 45
Warm Up Accounts : 100

Q: Which Proxies u use?
F: MassProxy

Q: How do you create the accounts?
A: I use a VM + Proxies – one VM for 3-5 accounts

Q: Problems with action blocks?
A: No, im fine with MassProxy so far.

Q: Are you selling your knowledge/niche?
A: NO!

Q: Bot Settings?
A: 300-500 follows per Day, 100-200 comments, 0 Likes.

Q: How long warm up your accounts?
A: 1-2 months

Q: Niche?
A: No comment

Q: Are you using a cloaker?
A: I use my own domains + webspace to direct leads to my locker.


10-15 accounts = 1 Website


1. 2-3 Accounts per Proxy.
2. All accounts same niche.

if u got alot of comment+like+ follow blocks try this:

Delete your bio description, delete link and renew them – i done this on all of my 60 blocked accounts and it works perfect.