How Can I Repeatedly Get the First 50 Lines from a TXT File?

Hi, I am building a project that submits and grabs the results of 50 domains at a time to a domain availability checker. 
The complete list is thousands of URLs long, but I only want it to process 50 at the time.

So what I ‘m trying to do is to load the first 50 URLs in a variable, process them, and then repeat the process with the next 50 URLs and so on until they’re all done.

The problem is, I can’t find a way to put the first 50 URLs (a range of lines) in a variable.
I was able to put the first 50 URLs in a sublist, but sublists don’t seem to be accessible by a variable. It looks like I can only add single lines from a list to a variable.

I tried also the same with loading files, but there the problem is that for as far as I know I can’t select a range of lines.

Am I missing something? Is what I’m trying to do just not possible? Or is there a way to do this that I’ve overlooked?


You can merge line of list.
When you export 50 lines to sublist choose to delete them. Then merge lines of sublist and use result variable. Then clean second list (sublist). Repeat.


If Read file,have a try:
Javascript code/Match No.:{-Variable.counter-}+49
Increase counter:50
Word processing:[^\r\n]*\S[^\r\n]*